Surevue by Johnson & Johnson.

Surevue is a daily wear contact lens that you change each month, the lens has UV (Ultra Violet light) (UVA & UVB) filter that protects your eyes from potentially harmful UV radiation which in its severe form can cause eye damage, the UV filter, filters out UV radiation from daylight and prevents the UV from entering your corneas, the lenses are not darkened in any way, the filter is invisible.

There's a visibility tint too, again like the UVA & UVB filter its totally invisible when the lenses are in your eyes, the visibility tint gives the lenses a slight blue tint when the lenses are out your eyes and your handling them, its easy to see your lenses and you can't loose them.

1 Month Daily Wear Contact Lens.

Surevue technology uses what's called a bi-curve lenticulated design (the pressing together of two curved lenses), this provides for a lens with the best fit for all eyes, this is a proven lens that customers report no problems with, and its good value for money too.

Surevue by Johnson & Johnson lenses are available from stock and despatched within 24 hours and are available in a 12 month supply as well as a 6 month supply, Surevue lenses are designed for both the experienced contact lens wearer as well as people new to wearing contact lenses.

Take these lenses out each night, clean and disinfect them for the next morning when you can insert your fresh lenses, then after one month replace your lenses for a fresh pair.

Surevue by Johnson & Johnson are also sold as EyeCare 30, its exactly the same lens, so you can buy Surevue and know your getting exactly the same lenses.

Surevue is made from a material called Etafilcon A and contains 58% water, so it's a comfortable lens not so high in water content that it will rip easily when you insert the lenses in your eyes.