Soflens Daily Toric by Bausch & Lomb.

The best selling daily disposable contact lens for Toric lenses, that's the Soflens Daily Toric by Bausch & Lomb for people who need Astigmatism eye correction, Toric lenses are so called because of their shape which is a slight toroid or cone shape which is normally referred to as spherical aberration.

These toric lenses help improve the contrast, the amount of blur you experience by reducing the spherical aberration you experience, the lenses are very comfortable thanks to what Bausch & Lomb call ComfortMoist Technology, which is a lighter weight contact lens made from a material which doesn't attract particles of protein or fat which would cause your eyes to get red or sore.

Best Selling Astigmatism Lens.

Its very easy to tear your contact lenses when your inserting them as they are so thin so that they feel comfortable and Bausch & Lomb have developed Hilafilcon B polymer which is a material that feels very comfortable and is also tear resistant so your less likely to waste lenses by accidently tearing them.

If you have trouble actually getting your contact lenses out of the packet then your be glad to know that Bausch & Lomb use an easy to open blister pack design.

If you buy a years worth of Soflens Daily Toric lenses you get 1 months worth of lenses free and if you buy 6 months of lenses then your get 3 weeks of lenses free.

These Soflens Daily Toric lenses are usually supplied within 3 days of ordering so your have them a lot quicker ordering online than you would from a shop and there's a price promise too if you find these contact lenses for sale cheaper in a store.

Bausch & Lomb are one of the biggest manufacturers of contact lenses and these best selling Soflens Daily Toric lenses are the best lenses for Astigmatism that Bausch & Lomb have produced.