SofLens Multifocal by Bausch & Lomb.

SofLens Multifocal by Bausch & Lomb enable you to see well at all distances not only near and far but all distances in between thanks to the Bausch & Lomb Natra-Sight contact lenses moving from near to far is smooth and still retains superb vision, nothing has been sacrificed near, far and all points in between offer superb vision, read easily without eyestrain, drive and continue with your sports.

SofLens Multifocal is also a very comfortable contact lens due to its unique edge design which does not catch on your eyelid and is thin so gives excellent comfort, Soflens is a monthly disposable lens, wear the lens for a month then throw it away and insert a fresh pair, each night use a cleaning solution to keep the lens clean and safe.

Easy Transitions from Near to Far.

This lens has been in use for a number of years and is time tested with many reports of the lenses comfort and good vision, SofLens is deposit resistant too so protein deposits and fat deposits that build up on your lenses naturally won't build up on SofLens lenses, saving you using a deposit cleaner solution and the danger of leaving contact lens deposits unchecked which can lead to sore or red eyes.

Soflens is preferred over PureVison by a number of people who found that PureVision caused blurred vision and a feeling of sickness, in those people they found Soflens to be the answer, if you're always carrying around a pair of reading glasses to read small newspaper print then try Soflens and have one set of contact lenses that meet all your vision needs both close up and distance.

If you're looking for a cleaning solution to try with Soflens, customers have recommended Synergi solution, they are easy to clean contact lenses because there will never be any protein and fat deposits to deal with thanks to the deposit resistant contact lens coating.