SofLens 59 by Bausch & Lomb.

SofLens 59 by Bausch & Lomb is the new name for SofLens Comfort, its exactly the same contact lenses, Bausch & Lomb have just changed the name, its a monthly replacement contact lens that's made from a protein resistant material that will resist the build up fat deposits and protein deposits that can cause red eyes and irritation.

SofLens 59 offers excellent vision as well as comfort, its a monthly replacement lens that offers very comfortable daily wear, available in a 6 pair, 6 month pack and a 12 pair, 12 month pack and dispatched usually within 3 days from stock.

SofLens Comfort Monthly Replacement.

SofLens 59 are an excellent alternative to PureVision contact lenses, so if your using PureVision and fancy a change, give SofLens 59 a try, you can use SofLens 59 with both nearsightedness (myopia) and farsightedness (hyperopia), SofLens 59 has a visual tint so they are very easy to handle as you won't loose them and can see the blue tint of the lenses, the tint is only visible when your handling the lenses, when the lenses are in your eyes you and those looking at your eyes will not be able to see a tint.

SofLens 59 has 59% water content in the lenses and that's why they have 59 in the name, that level of water content makes for a very comfortable lens but not with such a high water content that the lens will rip easily when your trying to insert them in your eyes.

The lenses are supplied in a sterile pack and can be removed and directly inserted in your eyes, the big advantage of monthly lenses is that they are cheaper than dailies and modern monthly contact lenses are easy to care for.