SofLens 38 by Bausch & Lomb.

SofLens 38 is a very thin contact lens, so if your struggling with lenses that feel thick, heavy and hard to insert then try SofLens 38 as your find them very comfortable and your hardly notice your wearing them in terms of comfort, in terms of vision your definitely know your wearing them as the lens provides crisp, clear vision.

SofLens 38 is made from a deposit resistant material that will resist build up from fat deposits and protein deposits which naturally occur within the eye and build up on the lens over time, these deposits if left to build up could result in sore and uncomfortable eyes.

Thin Contact Lens.

The lens includes a visibility tint, this blue tint can only be seen when your handling the lenses and not when the lenses are inserted in your eyes, the tint makes the difficult to see (because you have your contact lenses out), dropping your lenses or having trouble seeing them in the mirror when inserting them will be a thing of the past with this visibility tint.

There's also an inversion indicator, this tells you if you have accidently pushed your lenses inside out, the inversion indicator is simply small numbers printed on the side on the lens, these small numbers (just like the visibility tint), can't be seen when your wearing the lenses, only when your handling them, simply if the numbers printed on the side of your lens are back to front (mirror image), then your lenses have been pushed inside out and you should gently push them the other way round.

With the visibility tint and inversion indicator SofLens 38 are very easy to insert monthly contact lenses, monthlies are cheaper than dailies and modern lenses like SofLens 38 are very easy to care for.