PureVision by Bausch & Lomb.

PureVision by Bausch & Lomb are monthly disposable contact lenses made from a highly oxygen permeable material called silicone hydrogel, the silicone hydrogel ia a material that allows oxygen to flow through the lens and into your eyes, its the lack of oxygen reaching your eyes that cause yellow looking eyes, red eyes and soreness, when you wear PureVision you have brighter and fresher looking eyes that are healthier too.

You can wear PureVision lenses night and day for 30 days as the levels of oxygen reaching your eyes are that good, so you won't have the hassle of taking your lenses out each day, just forget about your contact lenses and live your life.

Silicone Hydrogel Monthly Lenses.

Bausch & Lomb have their own type of silicone hydrogel that they have developed called AerGel, this material offers greater comfort and increased oxygen permeability, your vision will be crisp and sharp and especially good at night and in low light conditions, so if your currently suffering with problems reading in the late afternoons or other low light conditions then use PureVision and because you can leave your lenses in your eyes for 30 days your always have good night and low light vision.

You can sleep in these lenses, so running later for work or school or trouble putting contacts in will be a thing of the past, your wake up with fresh eyes and great vision, live in your lenses for 30 days, that's only 12 lens changes in the whole year.

Buy one years worth of lenses and get one months free of buy six months of lenses if your looking for a shorter period trial, these lenses are cheap and a whole years worth of lenses is much cheaper than you might think.