PureVision by Bausch & Lomb.

PureVision by Bausch & Lomb is a continuous wear contact lens that can be worn for 30 days night and day, no more struggling to insert contact lenses every morning as you only need insert your contacts 12 times in the whole year with lenses that you only need change each month.

PureVision lenses are cheap too as you only need 12 pairs for the whole year, they are made from silicon hydrogel and have very good oxygen breathability, allowing oxygen to pass through your lenses and into your eyes, your eyes will look whiter, fresher and won't get sore, without oxygen reaching your eyes they will get red and sore and that's why most lenses have to be taken out at night but with great oxygen permeability you can keep your lenses in all month.

30 Days Continuous Wear Lenses.

The silicon hydrogel used in PureVision is called AerGel which as well as having great oxygen permeability is also very comfortable to wear and the optical design of the lens being aspheric is ideal for low light conditions and wearing at night and gives crisp and sharp vision.

If you suffer from dry eyes from air conditioning or heating then the moisturising systems in PureVision will keep your eyes moisturised and are very high performing in this respect as being continuous wear lenses this is far more important than daily replacement lenses.

The big advantage of extended wear contact lenses like PureVision is that you can sleep in your lenses and wake up and not have to insert your lenses which is very hard to do if your still sleepy in the morning.

These lenses are cheaper too as your not buying as many lenses as daily or weekly replacement lenses.

Buy 12 pairs of contact lenses and your get one pair of lenses free, also available as a six month supply.