PureVision Toric by Bausch & Lomb.

PureVision Toric lenses are the worlds number one best selling lenses and with good reason as they won't make your eyes red or sore due to oxygen starvation as these lenses provide natural levels of oxygen to reach your eye, not some percentage of oxygen but the same levels of oxygen as if your weren't even wearing your contact lenses, so for the first time you can really say that it feels so comfortable like your not wearing any lenses.

PureVision Toric provide eye correction for astigmatism where the eye is ever so slightly toroid shape (cone shape) which alters your vision, toric lenses corrects this altered vision and gives you very high levels of vision and clarity.

The high levels of oxygen permeability that are so high its the same levels of oxygen entering your eyes as not wearing contact lenses is achieved by what Bausch & Lomb call AerGel, the lenses also are deposit resistant and so prevent fat deposits and protein deposits that naturally build up on your lenses which can if left unchecked cause irritation and eye complaints.

30 Days Continuous Wear.

You can wear these lenses for up to 30 days of continuous wear, night and day, the natural levels of oxygen that reach your eyes when you wear PureVision Toric contact lenses are that good that continuous wear is irritation free and very comfortable.

Contact lens wearers who have tried gas permeable lenses and even soft daily lenses and had issues find that they have no issues with monthly PureVision, there's a pedigree of years of PureVision Toric contact lens use so you can rest assured they are tried and tested.

Buy a years worth of PureVision Toric by Bausch & Lomb and get one months free, also available in six month and three month supplies, PureVision Toric use AerGel which is a silicone hydrogel toric lens with anterior aspheric optics available in plus powers and -2.25D cylinder prescriptions across the entire prescription range.