PureVision Multifocal by Bausch & Lomb.

PureVision Multifocal let you see clearly at all distances as the multifocal lens is optimised for distance, near and all points in between vision, no blurring as you look around, just great vision at any distance, read close up, enjoy the paper again without the need for reading glasses on top of your contact lenses.

PureVision Multifocal are continuous wear lenses so you can wear these lenses night and day without having to take them out for a total of 30 days, that's because the lenses allow natural levels of oxygen to reach your eyes, what that means is the same level of oxygen reaches your eyes wearing PureVision Multifocal as if you weren't wearing lenses at all, whilst other makes of continuous wear lenses will claim a percentage of oxygen only PureVision Multifocal offers the same levels of oxygen as not wearing glasses at all.

30 Days Continuous Wear.

The reason oxygen reaching your eyes is important is because without oxygen reaching your eyes, they will become sore, tired and red as your eyes are starved of oxygen, with PureVision Multifocal you will notice much healthier looking white and bright eyes with no soreness, the ability for the continuous wear contact lens to absorb oxygen and pass it through the lens to your eye is called oxygen permeability and only PureVision offers the same levels of oxygen as not wearing lenses at all.

PureVision is a soft contact lens made from a silicon hydrogel material called AerGel which allows continuous wear thanks to its natural levels of oxygen permeability, the contact lens is also deposit resistant which means that fat and protein deposits which will occur naturally when a foreign object such as a contact lens is placed in the eye, do not occur with PureVision Multifocal thanks to the resistant surface of the lens, this means that no fat or protein deposit cleaning is required and no chance of sore eyes from these fat deposits building up.