PureVision Multifocal by Bausch & Lomb.

Biofinity by Coopervision is also sold by some stores as Ascend Premier & Easyvision Monthly Opteyes, these are all exactly the same lenses they just have been repackaged by the stores into their own brand packaging, but you might as well buy the original lens, save money and get your lenses faster.

You can wear Biofinity lenses for up to 30 days continuously night and day for the whole month without needing to take your lenses out or use eye drops, you can sleep in these lenses and forget your wearing them for the whole month, then after 30 days throw your lenses away and insert a fresh pair of Biofinity.

30 Days Continuous Wear.

Biofinity lenses can be worn continuously for such a long time thanks to Aquaform, Coopervision's silicon hydrogel material that has high levels of oxygen permeability, its the lack of oxygen reaching your eyes that causes sore and red eyes, with Biofinity you won't get sore, red or itchy eyes as the high levels of oxygen reaching your eyes through the lenses means your eyes are never starved of oxygen.

Your eyes will look whiter and feel fresher and each morning you won't be struggling to insert your contact lenses when you're still half asleep and each evening you won't have to soak your lenses in a cleaning solution or even take your lenses out, if you don't like inserting your contact lenses then 30 days continuous wear lenses mean you only need to insert lenses 12 times in the whole year (once a month).

Maybe you wear daily lenses like Frequency 55 Aspheric and would like to keep your lenses in overnight on occasion, then Biofinity are the most convenient lenses for you.

If you buy 12 months of Biofinity by Coopervision lenses your get one month free, also available as a 6 month supply.