Proclear Toric XR by Coopervision.

Proclear Toric XR are monthly soft contact lenses for astigmatism eye correction, these lenses are designed specifically to combat discomfort caused by dry eyes caused by looking at a computer screen all day or working in an air conditioned office, plane, warehouse etc.

Proclear lenses keep your eyes moist all day due to the special material the lenses are made from which is called phosphorylcholine (PC), it's this material which attracts water molecules to your lenses keeping your eyes moist all day long, this Proclear moisture technology is called PC Technology (phosphorylcholine technology), the material used with phosphorylcholine is called omafilcon A and this is a biocompatible material which means your eyes won't get irritated by your contact lenses.

Prevent Discomfort & Dryness.

If you have a high level of astigmatism a monthly replacement soft toric lens like Proclear Toric XR by Coopervision is ideal, as the name suggest this is an (XR) extended range lens which is good for all levels of astigmatism from mild astigmatism to medium and high levels of astigmatism.

Proclear lenses offer the best vision in a toric lens as well as high levels of comfort and are the best choice for high levels of astigmatism and contact lens wearers who suffer badly from dry eyes, Proclear Toric lenses are monthly replacement lenses so every month your be inserting a fresh pair of contact lenses.

As with all monthly replacement contact lenses, put them in cleaning solution overnight and then wear them the next day, then after one month's wear change your lenses for a new fresh pair, this is the most
hygienic way to wear contact lenses as your be changing them each month.

Due to the shape of the toric lens, it's very easy to tell whether the lens is inside out or not so it's really quick and easy to insert your lenses, the lenses are weighted to so it's very easy to put them in your eyes the right way up.