Proclear EP by Coopervision.

Are you approaching your middle to late forties and finding it more and more difficult to read as vision starts to worsen, then try Proclear EP by Coopervision its a multifocal contact lens, if your familiar with glasses then your probably more used to the terms bifocal or varifocal lenses, now available as a contact lens, multifocal lenses have near and far vision combined in one lens, but not with a line through the lens like glasses, multifocal contact lenses provide near and far vision across the lens, just look straight ahead for near vision or further out for far vision.

These are monthly lenses made using Proclear a biocompatible omafilcon A lens material which means that the lens material won't be rejected by your eyes and lead to allergic type irritation, the lenses are also moist all day long as the lens material contains molecules of phosphorylcholine (PC) which attract water to the lens and keep the lenses moist all day long.

Multifocals for Reading.

The phosphorylcholine(PC) molecules that attract moisture to the lenses gives the lens technology its name PC Technology.

Buy 12 pairs of Proclear EP Multifocals and your get another pair free, you can also buy six months of lenses too.

Proclear EP was originally sold as Biomedics EP so if your liked Biomedics EP your get exactly the same lens when you buy Proclear EP by Coopervision, if your having trouble reading small news print and your in your forties you may have the onset of presbyopia where a lack of elasticity in the eyes lens and changes in curvature of the lens cause a loss of eye power, if that's you then Proclear EP Multifocals will enable you to read the small print again.

Don't want to start wearing glasses like bifocals then try Proclear EP Multifocal contact lenses and continue as before.