Proclear EP by Coopervision.

Designed for those in their middle to late forties Proclear EP by Coopervision is ideal for those who need help with their reading due to changing eye conditions (not just the mid to late forties age group), the contact lens has been designed for excellent close up and distance viewing with a centre close up zone in the middle of the lens and a distance viewing zone towards the edges of the contact lens.

So for near vision look straight ahead and for far vision look to the edge or off centre, so now you have a contact lens that offers both reading and distance viewing with the same high quality and of course in the one lens, Proclear EP is a biocompatible contact lens, that means that it won't cause sore or red eyes due to eye irritation.

Designed for 45 to 50 Year Olds.

The biocompatible material used in Proclear EP lenses is called phosphorylcholine (PC) and this technology is called PC Technology or phosphorylcholine technology, these lenses actively attract water molecules and keep your lenses wet and moist all day long.

Available as a 6 month supply and a 12 month supply and if you buy 12 months your get one month free, these are monthly disposable lenses so they are cheap and soft lenses so they are comfortable.

Dispatched within 3 days with all eye corrections available.

If you're worried about the artificial nature of contact lenses but don't want glass then consider these natural compatible lenses, ideal for those who have noticed a change in their eyes due to age, when your having problems reading its time to get Proclear EP by Coopervision.

If your having trouble seeing distance then Proclear EP will help as you will have perfect close up reading and perfect distance too, so its and ideal lens for the majority of general eye conditions.