Proclear Compatibles by Coopervision.

If your working at a computer screen all day your know how sore and tired your eyes can get, its exactly for these computer users that Proclear Compatibles have been developed, providing great vision and eye comfort all day long.

These lenses are called Proclear Compatibles because the material the lenses is made of is a biocompatible material, that means that these soft contact lenses are compatible with your eyes because the material used to manufacture the contact lenses is actually found naturally in your eyes, the material that the lenses are made from contains phosphorylcholine called PC Technology, this material mimics your eyes natural cells.

Easyvision Monthly Vision.

Proclear Compatibles contains 62% water so it's a comfortable lens as the higher the water content, generally the softer and more comfortable the contact lens.

Proclear Compatibles are repackaged and resold by some shops as Easyvision Monthly Vision, so if you use these lenses you can start using Proclear Compatibles without any change in your prescription being required and buying Proclear Compatibles is cheaper than buying Easyvision Monthly Vision especially if you buy online, its more convenient too.

Sold as six month and twelve month supplies and if you buy twelve months of lenses your get a months free.

Buy these lenses from stock for most common prescriptions and the lenses will be dispatched in 24 hours or if you prescription is a little unusual you still won't have to wait more than 3 days typically.

If you're concerned about all these synthetic lenses you use every day then consider Proclear Compatibles as a more natural biocompatible contact lens that is actually compatible with your eye and less likely to cause any sort of allergic reaction.

These are soft monthly contact lenses so you're save money with a cheap monthly lens and enjoy comfortable eyes with a soft contact lens.