Proclear 1 Day by Coopervision.

Proclear 1 Day is made by Coopervision and is also sold in several stores by the names Ascend 1 Day Comfort and Easyvision Daily Vision so if you have a prescription from your optician for these lenses then you can get Proclear 1 Day by Coopervision without a change of prescription, after all its Coopervision that make these lenses for the stores so you might as well buy them online, direct from the manufacturers at a cheaper price and with faster delivery.

Proclear 1 Day are daily disposable contact lenses so you have the easiest lenses to manage of all contact lenses, simply throw your lenses away at the end of the day and the next morning insert a clean fresh pair with no cleaning or disinfecting of lenses required and the fact that they are daily disposable lenses means that they are the most hygienic lenses too as you replace them everyday before germs have had a chance to take hold.

Ascend 1 Day Comfort.

With these lenses you get all day comfort thanks to Coopervisions advanced contact lens material which they call PC Technology, in fact these lenses are so comfortable that in the advertising for these lenses they talk of the lenses being so comfortable its as comfortable as not wearing lenses at all, although obviously with better eyesight!

The Coopervision PC Technology is the name they give to the molecules that make up the contact lens material, this material is made of phosphorylcholine (PC) molecules which are actually found naturally within your body and these molecules combine with water molecules to create a water shield which keeps your contact lenses and your eyes moist all day long.

Proclear 1 Day lenses are very easy to use and hassle free with comfort cited as the major advantage of these lenses.