Precision UV by Ciba Vision.

Precision UV by Ciba Vision is a monthly contact lens also sold as Boots High Water Monthly in fact the lenses are exactly the same and made by the same manufacturer, and cheaper too as your paying manufacturer prices and not high street store prices and you can buy online too.

Precision UV stands for Ultra Violet radiation, the harmful portion of the suns rays which can in extreme cases cause eye damage, bright sun whilst on holiday, or snow blindness from skiing are two types of sever UV radiation, Precision UV have clear lenses not dark lenses like sunglasses, the UV lenses don't shade you from the sun they just filter the harmful UV radiation.

Boots High Water Monthly.

Delivered from stock and shipped within 24 hours, you can buy these lenses as a 6 months supply getting 6 pairs of contact lenses or as a 12 month supply getting 12 pairs of contact lenses and because your buying a years worth of lenses in one go your get one extra month free.

Did you know that harmful UV radiation is one of the contributing factors to the cause of cataracts, so help limit your exposure to UV radiation and the possibility of cataracts with Precision UV by Ciba Vision.

These are monthly lenses but you can also wear them as an extended wear lens wearing them for up to 6 days and nights without taking your lenses out, these lenses are also available in a wide range of prescriptions no matter what the strength of lens you need.

These lenses have a colour handling tint which makes them easy to see when you take them out of the pack or hold them in your fingers, the visibility tint is only visible when your handling the lenses and cannot be seen when the lens is inserted.