FreshLook One Day by Ciba Vision.

FreshLook One Day by Ciba Vision is a daily disposable colour contact lens in fact Ciba Vision make the only disposable colour contact lens available today, FreshLook One Day is a combination of two types of lenses from Ciba Vision the FreshLook ColorBlend lens and Focus Dailies lenses.

If you already use Focus Dailies then use the same eye prescription to order your colour FreshLook One Day lenses, they provide exactly the same vision and eye comfort as Focus Dailies with all the colour of FreshLook ColorBlends.

Daily Disposable Colour Contact Lens.

Being a daily disposable lens its the easiest lens to use, just wear the lenses for the day and throw them away afterwards, then the next day insert a fresh new pair.

Three colours are blended together to create a realistic colour contact lens and you can choose from blue, hazel, green and grey, the lens itself has a very thin edge which makes the lenses comfortable and with the thin edge it won't catch on your eyelid when you blink and with 69% water content its a comfortable fitting lens that won't rip as the water content is not too high.

The moisture system provided is called AquaComfort which contains a lubricant very similar to comfort eye drops, so your have comfortable lubricated eyes all day long, the lenses incorporate a non iconic surface which means that fat deposits and protein deposits won't build up so easily on the lens.

There's a triple action moisture system in the lens that is activated every time you blink, blinking lubricates your eyes, don't worry the lenses can't be over lubricated by blinking too much.

When you buy FreshLook One Day you get a contact lens with a pedigree, its not just a lens designed to offer eye colour its FreshLook One Day lenses used worldwide everyday for excellent vision.