FreshLook One Day by Ciba Vision.

FreshLook One Day is the colour contact lens combination of FreshLook ColorBlends and Ciba Vision Focus Dailies and FreshLook One Day is the only coloured contact lens in a daily disposable form, so if you have a opticians eye prescription for Ciba Dailies lenses you can get FreshLook One Day on the same prescription.

You can get FreshLook One Day coloured contact lenses in blue, hazel brown, green and grey they are best suited to light coloured eyes as dark coloured eyes will change the colour of the coloured lenses so some experimentation will be required to see what colours work best for you.

Colour Contact Lenses.

You don't have to wear coloured contact lenses all the time (unless you want to), wear them on a night out or an important event when you would like a different eye colour, FreshLook One Day use a 3 in 1 colour pattern on the lenses to give the most natural colours and Ciba Vision technology called Lightstream and AquaComfort which is the visual and comfort technologies used in Focus Dailies, so if you like Focus Dailies you're like FreshLook One Day.

The 3 in 1 colour technology that is used in FreshLook One Day lenses actually combines 3 different colours in the lens to create a natural looking colour, FreshLook One Day lenses are very thin so if your always finding lenses uncomfortable then these lenses will be ideal for you as your appreciate the comfort of these thin lenses and the natural colours will everyone thinking that is your real colour.

With FreshLook One Day lenses your find there so comfortable that you won't even realise your wearing them, did you know that FreshLook One Day are also available for people with perfect vision, your need an opticians prescription, but with that you can order FreshLook One Day lenses online.

If you need a strong prescription FreshLook One Day lenses are still available for you as all strengths are available.