FreshLook Colours by Ciba Vision.

If you wear contact lenses or even if you don't you can change the colour of your eyes with nightly removable contact lenses from FreshLook Colours, you can wear these colour contacts all day, every day or just for special occasions, just clean the lenses every night like normal and insert the fresh lenses every morning, then after one month replace, of course if you're not wearing the lens full time then you just keep a track of how many days you have worn the lenses and discard them after 30 days usage.

If you buy 6 pairs of lenses of any colour or any combination of colours your get a discount.

Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Violet.

Colours available are blue, hazel brown, green, sapphire blue, grey and violet purple, experiment with the colours as your own natural eye colour will dictate the exact colour you get with lighter colour eyes producing lighter colours and darker colour eyes producing darker coloured contact lenses.

Of course your hair colour and skin colour as well as what you wear will determine your overall look, now you can match your eye colour with your clothes, handbag or shoes if you so wish, suitable for both men and women these are prescription colour contact lenses that will enable you to see just as well as your regular contacts.

Maybe you regularly wear glasses but would just like to change your eye colour now and again with prescription colour contact lenses now you can, there's no loss of vision, you can see perfectly normal as your eye prescription is used to manufacture the lenses and of course when you're wearing the lenses you don't see any colour in your viewing the colour is only for others to see.