Frequency Xcel Toric by Coopervision.

Frequency Xcel Toric by Coopervision is also resold as Easyvision Monthly Standard Toric & Vision Express Enhance H&V so if you have a prescription for those two lenses then you can also order Frequency Xcel Toric without changing your prescription, it's exactly the same lens still manufactured by Coopervision.

This is a soft contact lens for astigmatism eye correction, if you currently wear toric lenses then you have astigmatism and your prescription is for astigmatism eye correction, toric is the name given to the shape of the lens needed for people with astigmatism, the lens shape is slightly cone shape.

Easyvision Monthly Standard Toric & Vision Expr.

Toric lenses are special, if they rotate on your eye's then your vision will become blurred, other types of contact lens eye correction have a lens that is designed to rotate and no vision problems occur, but toric lenses for astigmatism must not rotate but they must also move or your eyes will feel very uncomfortable Coopervision have solved this problem with the Frequency Xcel Toric design.

A study has been carried out which showed that after one month of Frequency Xcel Toric wear, customers felt their lenses where more comfortable then all the other soft contact lenses they had tried, your need to clean your lenses when you remove them each day and AOSept Plus is recommended, maybe you have been wearing contact lenses for astigmatism for some years now, if so you will have been prescribed gas permeable lenses, but these days soft contact lenses are far more comfortable, cheaper and provide better vision, so if you're struggling with old lenses or even don't know that there is anything better move to Frequency Xcel Toric and enjoy modern toric lenses that are both cheap and very comfortable.