Frequency 55 by Coopervision.

Frequency 55 contact lenses are made by Coopervision who also rebrand lenses for several shops including Easyvision Monthly Classic and Boots Mid Water Monthly, if your looking for a cheap option then these monthly replacement contact lenses are for you, they are soft contact lenses from the Coopervision Frequency range, these lenses are extremely comfortable, easy to insert and give great vision.

These lenses are also known as Frequency 55 Sphere lenses, these lenses focus the light on your eyes in a way that produces a much brighter and higher contrast image, Frequency 55 has a visibility tint so its easy to see your contacts when your trying to insert them, the visibility tint gives a slight shade of colour to the lens so its not transparent, you can't see this invisibility tint when the lenses are in your eyes and no one else can see the tint either, its only visible when your handling your lenses.

Easyvision Monthly Classic & Boots Mid Water Monthly.

Here's a good tip for inserting Frequency 55 lenses, if when you're inserting the lens it has the look of a cone shape, then you have the lens inside out, so just pop the lens the right way round so the lens has more of a bowl shape.

With monthly lenses like Frequency 55 you get a good value lens, your not changing lenses every day so your not spending money every day, and you still have a soft contact lens that's easy to insert unlike longer term lenses.

These are easy to wear contact lenses that is a great first step for people if you have previously only worn glasses.

These lenses are shipped to you within 24 hours of your online order and you can buy a pack of 6 pairs of lenses that will last you 6 months or 12 months of contact lenses that will last you a whole year and when you buy a years worth of contact lenses you get one month free.