Frequency 55 Aspheric by Coopervision.

Frequency 55 Aspheric is a monthly disposable contact lens, a soft contact lens that provides sharper vision (that's what an Aspheric lens does), and is also ideal for very slight astigmatism, you get crisp, sharp and clear vision even in low light conditions and even when reading, so if you have just discovered that your finding it harder to read then try these Aspheric lenses.

This is a comfortable lens too as well as a great lens for sharp vision, Frequency 55 Aspheric by Coopervision are also sold by some shops as Easyvision Monthly Classic Aspheric and Vision Express Enhance, so if you have a prescription for these lenses then you don't need change a thing on your prescription, these lenses are sold to the stores and then rebranded as their own, but its all made by Coopervision.

Help With Reading Vision.

These lenses are easy to handle too thanks to the visibility tint which makes the lenses easy to see when your trying to insert them, these lenses are usually available from stock and even if not in stock (for your particular prescription) they will still ship them to you within a couple of days.

If you buy a years supply of Frequency 55 Aspheric you will get one months of lenses free.

If you work under neon lights all day or at a computer screen all day then Aspheric lenses will help you to see sharp and in focus even in low light conditions, whilst these lenses suit all ages, as you age your visual acuity reduces and you start to struggle to read in low light conditions and in those circumstances these Aspheric lenses are for you.

These are monthly disposable lenses so they are very cheap, you save a lot of money over daily disposable contact lenses and Frequency 55 Aspheric are easy to care for too.