Focus Dailies Basic.

Focus Dailies Basic are made by Ciba Vision and are the standard Focus Dailies that don't contain extra moisturisers like the Aqua Release range of Focus Dailies lenses, if you don't like lots of moisture in your lenses then these Focus Dailies Basic lenses are the ones for you, or if you think that standard Focus Dailies have somehow changed and you don't like the new versions, well they have changed they are now called Focus Dailies Aqua Release lenses.

You can buy Focus Dailies Basic in packs of 30 pairs which is one ones display, 90 pairs of contact lenses which is 3 months supply, 180 pairs of lenses which is a 6 month supply and finally 360 pairs of lenses which is a full years supply of lenses.

Daily Disposable Contact Lenses.

If your worried about the cost of contact lenses then try Focus Dailies Basic because if you like them then your save a lot of money compared with other lenses that contain more moisture.

If your current contact lens prescription is for Easyvision Daily Terial or Boots Dailies then your be interested to know that these lenses are actually made by Ciba Vision and are Focus Dailies Basic that have been repackaged as shops own brand, so you can buy Focus Dailies Basic and save money as well as getting your lenses quicker online.

All you need to buy contact lenses online is your contact lens prescription, if you haven't got one, an optician who can give you an eye test will write down your eye prescription, use this information to enter the details online.

Daily contact lenses are the easiest lenses to care for because basically, you don't have to care for them, just throw the lenses away at the end of each day and insert a clean fresh pair of lenses everyday.