Expressions Colours by Coopervision.

Expressions Colours by Coopervision is a colour contact lens based on Coopervision's Frequency 55 Aspheric monthly disposable contact lens which is a very comfortable and easy to handle lens.

Expressions Colours are available in lots of colours dark blue, light blue, aqua, green, gray, hazel, and brown, these lenses look more realistic as Coopervision use a tinting method for a more natural look.

Frequency 55 Aspheric Monthly Disposable.

If you currently wear Frequency 55 Aspheric then try the colour version of these lenses which are called Expressions Colours, these lenses are aspheric lenses which provide great vision even in low light levels, the lenses focus light entering the contact lens into a focal point at the back of your eye rather than a larger general area which gives you more precise, less blurred, crisper vision.

Normal aspheric lenses do not focus the light on the back of your eye but scatter the light, this provides a blurred image whilst Expressions Colours and Frequency 55 Aspheric focus the light into a point giving vivid, precise vision.

These are monthly coloured lenses so you can wear them everyday for a month, cleaning them each night or you can wear them just on special occasions as long as all these separate occasions don't add up to more than 30 days, after 30 days wear your need a new pair of contact lenses.

Whether you have dark eyes of light coloured eyes Expressions Colours will change your eye colour and if you order two or more packs of lenses your get a special discounted price.

With Expressions Colours you have a wide range of beautiful colours, a very comfortable lens and vivid images with higher clarity than standard aspheric lenses, with 55% water content Expressions Colours are a comfortable lens where the water content is not so high that the lenses are prone to ripping when you try to insert them.