Expressions Accents by Coopervision.

Expressions Accents by Coopervision is a colour contact version of Frequency 55 Aspheric Monthly Disposable by Coopervision, so if you have a prescription for Frequency 55 your find Expressions Accents just the same but with a wide choice of natural looking and realistic colours like blue, green, violet and aqua.

These natural realistic looking colours are created using Coopervision's advanced tinting system and you can buy these at a cheap price if you buy two or more packs, these contacts are also sold in packs of 6 pairs and 12 pairs.

Frequency 55 Aspheric Monthly Disposable.

Because Expressions Accents are a coloured version of Frequency 55 Aspheric you get all the advantages of this Coopervision lens including an easy to use monthly disposable lens where you can wear the lens each day and after 30 days throw the lens away and insert a new pair or you can wear the lens on special occasions and dispose of the lens after all your separate occasions adds up to 30 days, your need to clean the lens after every wear with a contact lens cleaner.

Aspheric lenses are ideal for seeing clearly in low light conditions and these lenses also offer brighter, crisper viewing as these Frequency 55 Aspheric lenses are a special type of aspheric lens that focuses light to a specific point on the eye rather than scattering the light on the back of the eye, this focussed light provides increased vision, precise vision and the best vision you ca get in a standard lens and all this in a colour contact lens too.

These lenses contain 55% water and so are comfortable, yet the water content is not so high that the contact lens will rip when you try to insert them.