Daysoft 72 by Provis.

Daysoft 72 is a daily disposable contact lens designed by the inventor of daily disposable contact lenses Ron Hamilton, with daily disposable lenses you get all the benefits, no cleaning or disinfecting solutions required and no bacteria can build up on the lenses as your throwing the lenses away each day and inserting a fresh pair.

Daysoft 72 UV have a Ultra Violet filter which prevents damage to your eyes from the suns ultra violet radiation, these lenses are available as a 3 month supply of 96 pairs of lenses, as a 6 months supply of 192 pairs of lenses and as a 12 months supply of 384 pairs of lenses.

UV Protection.

Daysoft 72 is called 72 because it contains 72% water, so that's a higher water content contact lens which is very comfortable to wear, Daysoft are a Scottish company based in Scotland, so if you like to buy your contact lenses locally rather than from a large American corporation then Daysoft are the company to use.

In fact Ron Hamilton who invented daily disposable contact lenses is the founder of the Daysoft company so you know your buying your contact lenses from the true expert in daily contact lenses.

Daysoft is available in the widest range of powers when compared with any other make of daily disposable contact lens so if you need a lens that you believe is hard to manufacture or of a unique prescription then chances are Daysoft will be able to supply the lens for you.

In fact Daysoft make lots of own brand lenses for other companies, so chances are if your using a store brand for your contact lenses then chances are its a Daysoft lens, Daysoft is a daily disposable contact lens available in mid and high water content variations and they are one of only a few manufacturers that can offer both a mid and high water content lens.