Ciba Vision Focus Dailies AquaComfort Plus.

AquaComfort Plus is a combination of Focus Dailies and the All Day Comfort ranges, designed to give you the best of both worlds plus extra moisture for maximum comfort.

The AquaComfort Plus system uses a triple moisture system, first is a lubrication system that makes inserting your lenses easy, this initial moisture is called a wetting agent and then once your lenses are inserted there's a blink activated moisture system that as the name suggests releases moisture every time you blink ensuring that your eyes feel comfortable and lubricated all day long.

Increased Moisture.

In fact the moisturising system used in these lenses is artificial tears, so they act just like the natural moisture system in your eyes, this artificial tear system is called PVA and provides 5 times more moisture than conventional Focus Dailies.

Ciba Vision Focus Dailies are also sold as Easyvision Daily Vitrea by some opticians and are in fact made by Ciba Vision so you can quite happily buy the original branded lenses rather than the shops own brand, its the same thing.

If you buy a 12 months supply of these lenses then your get one month free, in fact most prescriptions of these lenses are available from stock and sent to you within 24 hours of your online order, these lenses are sold in packs of 30 pairs for one months supply or 90 pairs for 3 months supply or 6 months or 12 months supply.

If you work in front of a PC all day then AquaComfort Plus lenses will save you from getting sore, dry and red eyes, air conditioning is another source of dry eyes for contact lens wearers and Focus Dailies AquaComfort Plus would be worth trying if your suffering. If you have tried contact lenses before and found them uncomfortable then AquaComfort Plus is worth trying.