Ciba Vision Focus Dailies All Day Comfort.

Focus Dailies are made by Ciba Vision and feature a unique aqua release system which keeps your lenses moist all day long, if you feel that your current contact lenses feel to thick then try Focus Dailies as they have a very thin edge which will sit more comfortably on your eyes.

These lenses are daily contact lenses, the aqua release system is a built-in moisturiser which is released slowly all day long keeping your eyes feeling comfortable all day long and free from dry eyes and sore eyes.

No More Dry Eyes.

Because these are daily disposable lenses you don't have any lenses to wash or disinfect or soak in smelly chemicals, each day you throw the contact lenses away and insert a fresh pair of contact lenses, whilst all this might sound expensive, its actually not as these lenses are mass produced and the resulting economies of scale mean that the lenses are cheap.

Focus Dailies All Day Comfort lenses are also known as Easyvision Daily Opsys or Boots Premium Dailies so you can buy Focus Dailies All Day Comfort lenses made by Ciba Vision and know that Ciba Vision are making these very same lenses under these shop brand names, so save yourself some money and buy direct from Ciba Vision.

All you need is your contact lens prescription which any optician can write down for you, simply enter the prescription details on the website and you can order contact lenses online for delivery to your home or office address.

Buy All Day Comfort lenses in packs of 30 or 90 contact lenses that will last you 15 or 45 days (two new contact lenses per day).

If you're currently wearing glasses and would like to try contact lenses but worry that your find them uncomfortable then try all day comfort lenses as they are as the name suggests designed to be the most comfortable lenses and these lenses are cheaper than SpecSavers own brand, and many people find these lenses a lot easier to insert than other contact lenses, and the packaging is easy to open too.