Biomedics Toric by Coopervision.

Biomedics Toric by Coopervision is also sold as Ascend Toric, it's the same lens just repackaged, so if you have a prescription for Ascend Toric you can buy Biomedics Toric by Coopervision without changing your prescription, and buying direct without visiting a store is cheaper too, so your save money.

Biomedics Toric are monthly lenses, take them our each night and clean them, then in the morning insert your clean lenses, these are contact lenses for eye correction of astigmatism, most contact lenses sold refer to the astigmatism by the name of the lens that you need for this type of eye correction which is a toric lens, so called because of its slightly cone like shape.

Ascend Toric.

These lenses are the easies toric lenses to use, insert the lenses, blink 3 or 4 times for the lens to locate itself over your cornea and your done, great vision and great comfort, developed at the Biomedics Institute which gives these contact lenses their name, the lens is smooth and a ballast band smoothes out across your eye giving you excellent vision.

Biomedics Toric have a thinner edge which makes these lenses even more comfortable, the bottom edge of the lens won't catch on your eyelid like some toric lenses as these lenses have the thinnest edge available, which makes them more comfortable too, Coopervision state that this is the most stable toric lens on the market, meaning it won't move around on your eye and blur your vision.

In the classic test Biomedics Toric lenses where preferred by 8 out of 10 patients who tried them, so that goes to show how good they are, these lenses contain a visibility tint to make handling them easier as with your lenses out when your inserting them it can be hard to see the lenses, these lenses have a blue tint which can only be seen whilst your handling your lenses not when they are in your eyes, so with the blue tint it's easier to see your lenses.

Biomedics Toric by Coopervision also have a UV blocker which blocks out the suns dangerous Ultra Violet (UV) light which can enter your eyes through your contact lenses and into your corneas causing damage if not filtered from entry into the lens.