Biomedics 55 Evolution.

Do you find that same make of contact lens appears to be very variable with one pair of lenses a very good fit, offering excellent vision and comfort and another pair of contact lenses from the same pack being very uncomfortable and not offering as good vision, well if you do that's exactly the sort of thing that Biomedics 55 Evolution has been designed to solve.

Biomedics 55 Evolution uses a unique Aberration Neutralising System, you see its the imperfections that occur in the manufacturing process that because a contact lens to be less comfortable or produce worse vision and those tiny imperfections can't be remedied in the manufacturing process, so all lenses suffer from this, the imperfection is known as an aberration, and the Aberration Neutralising System actually reduce these imperfections as you wear the contact lenses.

Ascend Monthly.

If your optician has told you that your eyes have a very slight spherical aberration then your be pleased to hear about Biomedics 55 Evolution as these lenses actually reduce your eyes spherical aberration giving you clearer vision and more comfortable contact lenses.

Biomedics 55 Evolution are also sold as Ascend Monthly contact lenses, so if you have previously been buying Ascend Monthly lenses then you can buy Biomedics 55 Evolution without any change needed in your contact lens prescription that's because Ascend Monthly lenses are actually rebranded and repackaged Biomedics 55 Evolution lenses, so save money and buy the real lenses as well as the convenience of buying these monthly lenses online.

You can buy these lenses from stock with dispatch of your lenses normally within 24 hours, even if your prescription is not in stock and required ordering in your still have your lenses within 3 days typically.

You can buy Biomedics 55 Evolution or Ascend Monthly lenses as a six month supply and as a twelve month supply and if you buy twelve's months of lenses your get an extra month of lenses for free.