Biomedics 1 Day Ascend.

Biomedics 1 Day by Coopervision are also known as Ascend 1 Day contact lenses and have been produced to be the most comfortable contact lenses available in a throw away daily disposable contact lens.

Daily disposable contact lenses are the easiest contact lenses to manage and perfect for busy individuals or the young who don't want the hassle of changing contact lens solutions and cleaning lenses.

Contact Lenses by Coopervision.

Daily disposable lenses are the most hygienic of contact lenses as you throw them away each day and replace them with a fresh pair so fat deposits and protein deposits don't have time to build up.

Consumer feedback for Biomedics 1 Day and Biomedics 1 Day Ascend (they are both the same lenses but sold under different names) show that the lens is a very comfortable lens with very high quality optics giving superior viewing and very easy handling when your inserting your lenses.

There's a UV inhibitor built in to the lenses which means that Ultra Violet light radiation which can under severe conditions cause eye damage is prevented from entering the lenses and therefore your eyes, your find increase UV radiation in bright sunlight as well as snow conditions.

A recent survey revealed that two thirds of contact lenses who tried Biomedics 1 Day said that they preferred them to their current contact lenses, that's a very large number of converts so you should try these lenses too.

Biomedics 1 Day Contact Lenses by Coopervision are also sold as Easyvision Clarision and Ascend 1 Day, all these lenses are manufactured by Coopervision and are the very same lenses just with different selling names and sold by different stores so you can happily buy them online, get cheaper prices and faster delivery as well as easy to buy online.