Biofinity by Coopervision.

Biofinity are monthly contact lenses which are manufactured by Coopervision, they are also rebranded and packaged as Ascend Premier and Easyvision Monthly Opteyes, so if you use those lenses you can use Biofinity by Coopervision without a change in prescription, Coopervision actually make the lenses and repackage them so your buying the very same thing so you might as well buy it cheaper online direct from the manufactures.

Biofinity is made from a new material which is permeable and allows oxygen to flow directly through the contact lenses and reach your eyes, this material is called Aquaform by Biofinity, its the lack of oxygen reaching the eyes that causes red, sore and itchy eyes, but if you wear a lens like Biofinity your also notice brighter, whiter, fresher looking eyes.

Ascend Premier and Easyvision Monthly Opteyes.

Biofinity not only contains a high water content but retains a high water content leaving your lenses soft and flexible for comfortable eyes all day long, Coopervision note that Biofinity is so comfortable that it feels like wearing no lenses at all.

These lenses remain soft and wet without the need for lens coatings, treatments or surface treatments so these lenses are much less likely to irritate your eyes, in fact you can wear these lenses for up to 29 days continuously without having to remove the lenses, the levels of oxygen reaching your eyes through the lenses are that good.

You can buy these lenses in a 6 month supply or get one months free lenses when you buy a 12 month supply.

Lens powers of -0.75 to -7.00 are sold from stock and all other lens prescriptions will only take typically 3 days to arrive.

If you want to try aspheric lenses (lenses that have a high oxygen permeability and allow oxygen to flow through the lens and reach your corneas) then try Biofinity by Coopervision its a aspheric lens that you can wear for up to 29 days.