Biofinity Toric Monthly Contact Lenses by Coopervision.

Biofinity Toric Monthly Contact Lenses are made by Coopervision who also make contact lenses which are sold as Ascend Premier Toric and Easyvision Monthly Opteyes Toric, they are all exactly the same lenses and all made by Coopervision so if you have a eye prescription for these lenses then you won't need a new eye prescription to buy Biofinity Toric Monthly Contact Lenses.

These lenses are toric lenses for astigmatism eye correction, they also have a high level of oxygen permeability which means your eyes won't get red, sore or itchy like you may find with other toric lenses, a high level of oxygen permeability which is the contact lenses ability to allow oxygen to transfer through the lens and into your eyes is required for all contact lenses to be comfortable for any period of time but more so for toric contact lenses which by their very nature are thicker than conventional lenses.

Ascend Premier Toric.

Toric lenses are thicker due to the toroid or cone shape of the lens, the lenses are that shape because the astigmatism eye condition means your eyes are very slightly not round or toroid shape.

Biofinity lenses also don't cause your eyes to dry out as the material the contact lens is made from absorbs and keeps surround moisture on your eyes, ensuring your contact lenses are comfortable all day long, in fact the name Biofinity is used because the lens material has a biological infinity with your eyes, the material is compatible with your eyes and works with your own eyes moisture system and not against them like other makes of astigmatism lens.

These are monthly lenses and customers find they don't cause discomfort even when worn for extended periods of time like other toric lenses, if you haven't upgraded your toric lenses for a while you should as your enjoy the latest advances in toric contact lenses, whilst you might think that your current toric lenses are fine, that's only because you haven't tried better and Biofinity Toric Monthly Contact Lenses by Coopervision are defiantly better.