Avaira by Coopervision.

Avaira is a monthly contact lens that is made from a silicone hydrogel which is a very breathable material which won't leave your eyes feeling sore or red, this lens is made from a unique and very new material which binds water to the lens inside the lens itself which keeps the lenses moist, comfortable and wetted all day long, you won't need any extra wetting agents or solutions with the Avaira contact lenses.

The lens allows oxygen to permeate through the lens this keeps your eyes feeling fresh, you won't get red sore eyes or itchy, scratchy eyes like you do with other lenses, its the lack of oxygen reaching the eyes that causes sore eye conditions because effectively your eyes are being starved of oxygen, with Avaira your have comfortable and safe eyes all day long.

Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses.

The technology that keeps your lenses moist and allows oxygen to reach your eyes is called Aquafoam technology, if you find that your eyes are not clear and bright then its probably due to your eyes not receiving enough oxygen, switch to Avaira by Coopervision and have clear, bright, white and fresh looking eyes.

If your using the no longer made Actifresh 400 lenses and found that since they have been discontinued your looking round for a replacement lens then Avaira by Coopervision is a great replacement.

Buy a 12 month supply and get 1 month free or buy a 6 month supply to try these lenses out, a great new lens from Coopervision which is being highly recommended as a replacement for Actifresh lenses.

Despatched from stock typically in 3 days with all prescriptions available and the recommended replacement for Actifresh 400 lenses which have been discontinued.

These are monthly contact lenses which are cheap to buy and easy to look after you so have a comfortable lens that provides excellent vision.