Air Optix for Astigmatism by Ciba Vision.

Air Optix is manufactured by Ciba Vision and is also resold as Easyvision Monthly Irisian Toric, so if your normally buying these lenses then you can buy the original lens and save money too, as the lens is exactly the same, and if your eye prescription is for Easyvision Monthly Irisian Toric then you can use that to buy Air Optix Astigmatism by Ciba Vision.

If you need eye correction for astigmatism (you have astigmatism if you normally wear a toric lens), your find this lens offers good comfort and a crisp view, these lenses are made from silicone hydrogel a material that allows oxygen to flow through the contact lenses and into your eyes, it's the lack of oxygen reaching your eyes, your corneas to be exact that causes sore, red eyes and these lenses by Ciba Vision have one of the highest oxygen permeability of any toric lens.

Easyvision Monthly Irisian Toric.

When your eyes are starved of oxygen by a contact lens that does not transfer oxygen through the lens your find your eyes become yellow, with Air Optix for Astigmatism your have bright white looking eyes that look and feel healthy no matter how long you wear your contact lenses each day.

These Air Optix lenses use a technology Ciba Vision call Precision 8|4 which prevents your contact lens and lower eyelid rubbing and causing soreness, so you get excellent comfort and a lens that's easy to wear all day long no matter how long your day.

The surface of the contact lens has been treated to prevent the build up of deposits like fat deposits and protein deposits, these occur naturally on your lenses when you wear contact lenses and over time can make your eyes sore or red, with Air Optix and its special contact lens coating you won't have a problem with deposits.

Air Optix is a comfortable lens containing 33% water, so not so high that the water content makes the lens very easy to rip when you're trying to insert your lenses, there's a blue handling tint, sometimes referred to as a visibility tint which makes the lenses very easy to insert as you can easily see the lenses to insert them but once in your eyes the blue visibility tint cannot be seen.