Air Optix Aqua by Ciba Vision.

Air Optix Aqua are monthly replacement contact lenses offering all day comfort, good moisture and breathability for comfortable lenses night and day, Air Optix Aqua has a unique moisture system which keeps the lenses moist all day and prevents them from drying out, this makes your lenses much more comfortable and will prevent sore eyes and redness or itchy, scratchy eyes.

You can wear Air Optix Aqua lenses continuously for 6 days and 6 nights, your need the approval of your optician of course, the reason you can wear these lenses continuously for such a long time is due to the high permeability of the silicon hydrogel lenses, what that means is that the lenses allow oxygen to enter the lenses to permeate through the lenses and reach your eyes, when your eyes become red, sore or itchy is because your eyes are being starved of oxygen behind your contact lenses, but with silicon hydrogel lenses the air reaches your eyes and they won't get sore.

Silicone Hydrogel Night & Day.

If you currently wear Cibavision Air Optix lenses you can upgrade to Air Optix Aqua without a visit to your optician for a fitting as these lenses are compatible.

Air Optix Aqua by Ciba Vision is also sold as Easyvision Monthly Irisian and Boots Premium Monthly, these are actually Air Optix Aqua lenses repackaged as own brands so you won't need a change in your prescription to start using these lenses and using these original lenses your find them cheaper than the shop bought repackaged lenses and available to buy online.

When you buy these lenses you get a price match promise too, if you can find them for sale cheaper in the shops they will beat the price.

There's a one step cleaning process for these lenses so no need for all that rubbing and neutralising, its a quick, easy and simple process.