Acuvue Oasys by Johnson & Johnson.

Acuvue Oasys by Johnson & Johnson are two week disposable lenses, wear the lenses for two weeks night and day even while you sleep and then after two weeks remove your lenses and insert a fresh pair.

If you don't like inserting your lenses then with Acuvue Oasys you will only need to insert lenses twice a month, Acuvue Oasys uses Hydraclear Plus for the moisture system which creates a very smooth feeling lens that stays moist.

Two Week Lenses.

Senofilcon is the smoothest silicon hydrogel available and is used in Acuvue Oasys so your lenses glide and are the smoothest available and silicon hydrogel lenses have great oxygen permeability allowing oxygen to flow through the lenses and reach your eyes, its this high oxygen permeability that enables Acuvue Oasys to be used for two weeks non stop.

If your lenses give you sore or red, irritated eyes especially after a days wear then chances are they are not silicon hydrogel lenses, UVA and UVB ultraviolet light radiation blocking is included as standard too so there's no danger of cornea damage due to UV radiation from bright sunlight or sunlight reflected of snow.

There's a visibility tint too so your lenses are easy to see when your handling them and you won't be losing your lenses when your trying to insert them, the visibility tint (light blue), is only visible when your lenses are being handled, when they are in your eyes the tint is invisible to you and anyone looking at your eyes.

There's a inside out indicator too, if you have ever accidently popped your lenses inside out and then tried to insert them your know how frustrating it can be and how long it can take to insert your lenses, with a inside out indicator which is the numbers 123 written on a part of the lens you can only see when your handling your lenses its easy to see if your lenses are inside out as the numbers will be backwards.