Acuvue Bifocal by Johnson & Johnson.

Acuvue Bifocal by Johnson & Johnson are multifocal contact lenses, which are sometimes called varifocal or bifocal, they all do the same thing, allow you to see near and far it's just that Acuvue Bifocal does it better and safer than most, if your still wearing glasses because you think that because you have presbyopia you can't wear contact lenses then try Acuvue Bifocals, these lenses have 5 invisible concentric zones that let you see near and far with ease and clarity.

Presbyopia is also known as old man's eyes, in fact that's what the latin word means, as if you're in your forties your start to get worse near vision as your eye muscles and lens change due to age, you can go and get reading glasses for this or maybe you don't want glasses as they just don't suit your lifestyle, then get Acuvue Bifocal by Johnson & Johnson and enjoy eyesight like before the presbyopia without the need to carry reading glasses with you.

Presbyopia Multifocal Contact Lenses.

Acuvue lenses have a built in UV Ultra Violet light filter, this blocks harmful UVA and UVB radiation from entering your corneas through your contact lenses where eye damage may result from extreme UVA and UVB exposure,
particularly important if your off on holiday to hot climates or even to winter ski resorts.

These lenses are breathable too and deliver 88% of oxygen through the lens and into your eyes, so your eyes won't get tired and sore due to oxygen starvation like other lenses, your eyes will look whiter and brighter too.

Your eye prescription will vary but generally these lenses are fitted on a two week replacement cycle, so wear the lenses each day, clean them at night and then after two weeks replace the lenses for a new fresh pair.