1 Day Acuvue for Astigmatism.

Do you have Astigmatism and still find Astigmatism contact lenses or Toric contact lenses cause blurred vision, that's because if you suffer from Astigmatism your eyes are very slightly cone shaped, meaning, not completely round, so you need a lens that does not move or rotate as you blink or close your eyes, standard lenses are designed to move around on your eyes buy Astigmatism lenses must stay still and in place to provide good vision.

If your playing sport or other activities that knock or move a conventional Toric or Astigmatism lens then try 1 Day Acuvue for Astigmatism, not only do you get all the advantages of a daily disposable lens like no cleaning and no solutions you also get a lens that provides great vision and will not move no matter how active your sport.

Daily Disposable Lenses.

Johnson & Johnson make 1 Day Acuvue for Astigmatism and use the eyes own blinking to keep the lens in the same place on your eyes, Johnson & Johnson call this technology Accelerated Stabilisation Design (ASD).

To help make these lenses as easy as possible to insert there's a visibility tint so you can't loose them on your hand, the floor or a table etc, which happens when a translucent lens is dropped, but with a blue visibility tint you can see the light blue of the lens and won't loose the lens on the floor, the lens is only blue when its out of your eyes, when inserted on your eyes there is no visible tint to you or anyone looking at your eyes.

As well as a blue visibility tint to help you insert your lenses there's also a inside out indicator as its very easy to accidently turn your lenses inside out when trying to insert your lenses and then its hard to tell if the are inside out until you insert them in your eyes and your vision or comfort levels are affected, the inside out indicator is printed on a non visible part of the contact lens and is the numbers 123 which will appear as a mirror image if inside out.