1 Day Acuvue by Johnson & Johnson.

1 Day Acuvue is a daily disposable contact lens from Johnson & Johnson, in fact 1 Day Acuvue was the first daily disposable contact lens, daily disposable lenses are very easy to use as you just throw them away at the end of the day and insert a fresh pair of contact lenses in the morning, no messing around with disinfectants, neutralisers and solutions, as well as being easy to use daily disposable lenses are also much more healthier than any other type of lens because basically no germs or protein and fat build up can occur as you have long since thrown them away before any of these things can occur.

You don't have to wear daily disposable contact lenses all the time, you can wear them when its convenient like when your on holiday and don't wan to take any cleaning and disinfecting solutions with you especially with all the airplane travel restrictions, or maybe you just want no hassles when your on holiday or away on a business trip.

Daily Disposable Contact Lens.

Check your contact lens prescription, if you have a negative prescription then your contact lenses are delivered from stock with absolutely no waiting and if you have a positive prescription then your lenses will still be available within 3 days, you can buy these lenses in 1, 3, 6 and 12 month supplies that's 30, 90, 180 or 360 pairs of lenses.

Daily disposable contact lenses don't have to be expensive, with Johnson & Johnson you get cheap lenses that have been used by many, many people as they where the first daily disposable contact lenses ever, so there's years of experience and many, many happy customers.

To buy contact lenses online all you need is a prescription from your optician, your optician will write down your prescription which is a range of numbers and you just select those numbers on the website to place your order.