1 Day Acuvue Trueye by Johnson & Johnson.

Acuvue One Day Trueye contact lenses are daily disposable contact lenses that won't give you sore, tired or red eyes because they allow 98% of the oxygen in the air to enter your eye, you see having a contact lens that does not transfer oxygen through the contact lens material and into the eye is what leads to sore, scratchy, itchy and red eyes, the more oxygen that can enter your eyes through your contact lenses the better, this measure is called oxygen permeability and Acuvue One Day Trueye has 98% oxygen permeability.

Whilst allowing oxygen to enter your contact lenses and enter your eyes for fresh feeling eyes all day long, these lenses also block UV radiation from the sun from entering your eyes, this prevents sore eyes and in severe sunlight or snow blindness, damage to your eyes.

Daily Contact Lenses.

Acuvue One Day Trueye also contains a wetting agent to keep your eyes moisturised all day long and feeling comfortable, you see lack of moisture to lubricate your eyes as you move your eyes, close your eyes or blink can cause red or sore eyes, so the more moisture available the better and with the advanced wetting agent in Acuvue One Day Trueye your have comfortable eyes all day long that don't feel tired even after the end of the day.

You can buy these lenses from stock if your prescription includes a negative powered lens of -0.75 to -7.00 on an 8.5 based curve lens, that's the details on your eye prescription you got from the optician, if all that means nothing to you, then don't worry as all lenses are delivered in 3 days and dispatched from stock within 24 hours.

Contact lens wearers who have been wearing lenses for many years keep coming back to 1 Day Acuvue Trueye as the most comfortable contact lens they have ever worn.